Bulk Pricing for Shirts

Prices below are for screen printing shirts only (USD $)

Number of ShirtsSize1 Screen2 Screens3 Screens4 Screens
1-23Call for quoteCall for quoteCall for quoteCall for quote
24-50Small – XL10111213
3X and up12131415
51-75Small – XL9101112
3X and up11121314
76-200Small – XL891011
3X and up10111213
201-400Small – XL78910
3X and up9101112
401-675Small – XL6789
3X and up891011
676+Small – XL5678
3X and up78910

All bulk orders must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 24 shirts ordered
  • All shirt prices include Gildan brand, unisex fit, 5.3oz cotton blend, and short sleeve shirts (Gildan G500). Pricing is subject to change if the customer wants a different brand or style of shirt.
  • Pay half upfront
    • Once you create the order, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit before we begin any work.
  • One-color per screen
  • A setup fee of $25 will be included in the deposit unless otherwise stated
  • Minimum of 2 weeks to get all items completed and shipped. For larger orders over 100, we may require a longer lead time
  • Bulk orders will be just that – 1 bulk order. We will not allow individual orders at bulk prices. Example:
    • You order 50 shirts to qualify for bulk pricing. But if you order ten shirts on a separate order, the pricing for those ten shirts will be the standard
  • Order quote forms must be completed: PG-Press Quote Order Form
  • The custom graphic fee will apply if you do not supply us with a completed graphic. You will still need to pay upfront for the design before we offer the t-shirt. Below is our pricing for graphic design
Package NamePrice Maximum # of Colors # of RevisionsImage Properties
Basic$1021Final .png image
Premium$2023Final .png image
Deluxe$5045Vector file and .png image

All orders are subject to terms and conditions. Please review the terms and conditions before ordering