Terms and Conditions

Personal Data

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to provide the products and services you have requested from us. We will not sell your data or use it for other purposes.

Ordering to Delivery

Blank Apparel Orders

We do not sell blank apparel in bulk. Single blank samples are not available for purchase.

Quotes & Estimates

Quotes are good for 1 week unless stated otherwise. This term is subject to seeing the final artwork to confirm any quotes and customer signatures.

Order Minimums

Our current minimum order is 24 garments per image. For example, if you order 24 garments, you must have the same image/s printed on all the garments to meet the minimum. If you want a single different image on each of the 24 garments, you would not meet the minimum order.

Artwork Creation & Ownership

All artwork created by PG-Press is the sole property of PG-Press. If you hire us to create artwork for you, you are strictly paying for the labor and thought process to produce the artwork. You are not paying for the ownership and rights of the artwork.

Any artwork you submit to us for printing that is not being created by PG-Press is owned by you or its rightful owner, not PG-Press. We will not reproduce your artwork, trademarked or not, without you or the rightful owner’s consent.

Art Approval

All artworks must be approved online. Upon receiving your initial mockup, you will be allowed two additional sets of revisions free of charge. Any additional revisions past that point will incur an additional Art Preparation fee to be billed at our current rate. Changes to the artwork after approving the mockup could push back your ship date. We will not be responsible for errors, misspellings, or otherwise in approved digital mockups and artwork. Once the mockup is approved, the design is final, and PG-Press is not responsible for any design errors.

Image Sizes

Unless otherwise requested, all shirt sizes in an order will be printed with the same image size. Different image sizes being printed on different shirt sizes will be treated as a new order and priced as such. An image size printed within 1 inch of any seam is subject to distortion, print imperfections, and/or other small inconsistencies. These are all considered acceptable goods. We will not assume responsibility for print imperfections due to printing too close to seams.

Printed Sample Policy

Printed Samples are not available.

Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is currently 7 – 14 business days from the time that your order is finalized and approved. “Standard turnaround” refers to orders with standard print specifications, does not include additional services and/or specialty inks, and is an order of no more than 24 shirts.

Additional services and specialty printing methods will add to the standard turnaround time. If you have a specific deadline that you need to meet, please notify us when placing your order. Once you have filled out the quote form on our website, we will respond or reach out to you within 48 hours or the next business day. Rush Fees may apply to orders needing a quicker turnaround time than our standard turnaround time offers. We will not be held responsible for missing deadlines due to weather conditions, power supply interruptions, vendor shortages and errors, shipping errors, or any acts of God.

If we expect or foresee any problems in advance, we will be sure to notify you and work with you to rectify them.

Turnaround Time Example:

Say you contact us on Monday (5/1) with your order details. We put together your invoice and digital mockup, send it to you, and you approve it on Tuesday (5/2). Standard turnaround time will start the following business day (Wednesday (5/3)), and your order will be ready in 7 – 14 business days (in this case, by Tuesday (5/11) and no later than Thursday (5/18)). Our turnaround time does not include shipping transit days. As stated above, if you have a required due date, please let us know, and we’ll confirm if your order can be delivered before that date. Orders needed sooner than our standard turnaround time for your order may incur a rush fee.

Rush Orders

We reserve the right to reject rush orders. Orders that require a due date sooner than our standard turnaround time (per the order specs and services) are subject to rush fees.

  • Rush (4-6 Business Days): Add 25% to the Project Price
  • Super Rush (1-3 Business Days): Add 50% to the Project Price

Rush Order payments are due in full once you have approved the invoice and mockup. No refunds. Rush time frames are based on our current production schedule and do not include shipping time. PG-Press will not be held responsible for shipping issues once your order has left our facility. Because rush orders leave less time for us to adjust, printing is final.

Screen Fees

Because of the time it takes to make a screen for each job, there is a $25 setup charge per screen used.  (For example: if you get a 3-color T-shirt, it would cost $75 dollars in screen charges). However, if you decide that you want to place another order after your original order is complete (within 14 business days), the reorder screen charge fee would only be $15 per screen.

We will use the same set of screens per the design ordered.  In short, if you ordered a run of shirts ranging in youth sizes to adult sizes, we will print the exact same size design no matter the size of the garment we are printing on. Therefore, the design will look much bigger on the youth sizes than the adult sizes. Please let us know if you would like to have two different screens made for your unique design.


Preferred payments are Square, Cash App, and PayPal. We also take cash, checks, and major credit cards. There is a $30 charge for returned checks. The subsequent payment must be made with cash, Cash App, or PayPal.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due in full prior to your order being printed; however, no payment is required until you approve your invoice and digital mockup.


We ship via USPS. A tracking number will be sent to you shortly after your order has left our facility. PG-Press will not be responsible for shipping transit complications for any reason, such as errors in the given address, weather, strikes, or otherwise. Shipping time is not included in our turnaround times. Shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the client and will be added to your invoice unless otherwise agreed upon prior to your order. Shipping costs are not normally included in quotes. There is no charge for shipping to a Huntsville or Madison address, as we can arrange to deliver directly. PG-Press assumes no responsibility for goods once they have left our facility. We will not be responsible for shipping to the wrong address if it was listed on your quote and you fail to correct the address upon quote approval.

We are happy to split-ship your order. Shipments will be billed at current rates. Please send an itemized list to our email (with your name and invoice/order number in the subject line) detailing what quantities should be shipped to what address when placing your order. Split shipping changes after the order is submitted may result in additional charges.


All orders will be bulk packaged, generally folded by the dozen, unless stated otherwise.

Checking Your Order & Refunds

Please check your order and notify us of any problems within 48 hours of delivery. We will not be responsible for order errors after 48 hours. We do not offer refunds.


Seam, Collar, and Zipper Printing

We do our very best to produce the best-looking prints any time we pull a squeegee. However, printing on or over any seams, collars, pockets, zippers, or otherwise is subject to distortion, print imperfections, and/or other small inconsistencies. These are all considered acceptable goods and will not be considered misprints.

Garment Subjectivity

All shirt prices include Gildan brand, unisex fit, 5.3oz cotton blend, and short sleeve shirts. Pricing is subject to change if the customer wants a different brand or style of shirt. This will be detailed in your invoice for your approval. PG-Press will not be responsible for you not liking the garment printed on or the printed artwork. We do our very best to make sure you have selected a garment that you will expect and that matches your needs, but we also expect you to do some research on your own.

We do our best to provide garment size specs for each product listed on our website. If size specs are not listed on our site, we recommend you confirm and verify them on the manufacturer’s site to ensure the garment is going to fit as you intend. If there’s any doubt about whether you’ll like the selected garment, we recommend customers order a blank sample for themselves and confirm the specs and material are what they want to order.

PG-Press will not accept and/or print blank apparel from customers. If customers request printing on a special shirt, they will need to provide PG-Press with links to the desired apparel. The customer’s final project price will include the total cost (shipping & tax) of any specialty shirt orders and labor costs.

Care Instructions

To ensure image longevity and vibrancy, we recommend machine washing cold and tumble dry low for all water-based and discharge ink prints. Plastisol prints should be washed inside out and tumble dry low. All goods should be washed before wearing them.

Reorder Ink Color

Due to the nature of screen-printing ink and different fabric lots, we cannot guarantee exact ink color matches on reorders. We will make every effort to match the original color as best as possible. If you know a reorder will be likely, please let us know, and we’ll try to keep the ink on hand if possible.

Out-of-Stock Items

PG-Press will not be responsible for items that are out of stock. All purchasing of products is done on an order-by-­order basis. Very few goods are stocked at our facility. We do our best to provide you with an accurate inventory prior to your order being placed, but we cannot “hold” goods from the time you receive a quote to the time you place the order. Should items become out of stock, we will do our best to find a replacement and get it approved by you prior to using it for your order.

Manufacturer Defects

PG-Press is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as garment color inconsistencies, mislabeled sizes, loose stitching, label inconsistencies, or other garment defects. We do our best to inspect the garments as they are printed, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We highly recommend ordering 5% extra of each size to avoid the possibility of these issues occurring.

Mistake Resolution Clause

Quality Assurance

The Client acknowledges that PG-Press takes utmost care to ensure the quality and accuracy of the screen-printing services provided. Prior to the commencement of any production, the Client shall be provided with digital proof or sample for approval. It is the Client’s responsibility to review and approve all proofs, including design, colors, sizes, and placement.

Responsibility for Mistakes

If the final product(s) deviate from the approved proof due to an error or mistake on the part of PG-Press, PG-Press shall take the following steps to rectify the situation:

  • Correction or Replacement: PG-Press will, at its sole discretion, either correct the mistake or replace the affected product(s) at no additional cost to the Client.
  • Timeline: PG-Press will make every reasonable effort to expedite the correction or replacement of the affected product(s) to minimize any inconvenience to the Client. However, the Client acknowledges that the time required for such correction or replacement may vary depending on the nature of the mistake and the availability of resources.

Common printing mistakes made during rush orders should be expected. Common printing mistakes include but are not limited to, items listed in the common mistakes portion of these terms.

Client Responsibilities

To facilitate the resolution of any mistakes or errors, the Client agrees to:

  • Clear communication: We prefer to keep as much communication in writing as possible. We utilize text and email. If these methods are not preferred, the customer must communicate that preference with us. Some communication will still be documented through text/email for quality assurance purposes.
  • Prompt Notification: Notify PG-Press of any discrepancies or mistakes in the delivered product(s) within 48 hours of receipt. Failure to notify PG-Press within this timeframe will void any claims for correction or replacement.
  • Return of Defective Items: If requested by PG-Press, return the defective or erroneous product(s) in its original condition for inspection and evaluation.

Limitation of Liability

PG-Press’s liability for any mistake, error, or defect in the delivered product(s) shall be limited to the correction or replacement of the affected product(s) as described in this clause. PG-Press shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising from mistakes or errors.

Exclusions: This Mistake Resolution Clause does not cover mistakes or errors resulting from the Client’s failure to review and approve proofs, changes requested by the Client after approval, or errors in the Client-provided artwork or specifications. The client accepts that there will be no refunds or replacements given during the production of rush orders, even for issues outside of the common printing mistakes listed below. Common or acceptable screen-printing mistakes that do not warrant refunds or corrections:

  • Client-Provided Artwork Errors: If the mistake or error in the final product is a result of inaccuracies or issues in the artwork provided by the client, such as misspellings, incorrect colors, or low-resolution graphics, it should not be the responsibility of the screen-printing company to refund or correct.
  • Color Variations: Minor variations in colors due to factors like different printing substrates, ink batches, garment discrepancies, or screen tension are considered acceptable.
  • Positioning and Placement: Small variations in the positioning or placement of the print within a reasonable tolerance range may not be considered grounds for refunds or corrections.
  • Size Variations: Slight variations in the size of the print, typically within an industry-standard tolerance (e.g., ±1/4 inch), may be deemed acceptable.
  • Fading and Wear Over Time: Screen-printed garments can naturally fade or show signs of wear over time with regular use and laundering. See our section on Care Instructions to get the best use/life of your order.
  • Ink Bleeding: Some degree of ink bleeding or dye migration can occur when printing on certain fabric types.
  • Limited Quantities for Custom Colors: If a client requests a custom ink color that requires a significant setup, mixing, or additional costs, it’s essential to communicate the minimum order quantity or additional charges associated with this custom color. Clients should understand that smaller orders might not receive custom color options.
  • Industry Standards:
    • Artwork Preparation: Artwork should be provided in vector format (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW) to ensure scalability without losing quality. High-resolution raster files (e.g., Photoshop) should have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch). All text should be converted to outlines or curves to prevent font-related issues.
    • Colors: Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are often used to ensure color accuracy. Standard base ink colors, such as the Pantone Solid Coated or Uncoated color books, are typically used to mix custom colors. Screen printers commonly use spot colors rather than process (CMYK) printing for vibrant and consistent color reproduction.
    • Screens: High-quality, tensioned screens are used to ensure precise printing. The mesh count (threads per inch) of screens is chosen based on the type of ink, artwork detail, and fabric to be printed.
    • Inks: Plastisol inks are commonly used for their durability and versatility. Water-based and discharge inks are used for soft-hand printing on light-colored garments. Specialty inks, such as metallic or reflective inks, may be used for specific effects.
    • Printing Techniques: Manual and automatic screen printing presses are used for different production volumes. Multiple screens (one per color) are used to achieve multi-color designs. Proper screen registration is crucial to align multiple colors accurately.
    • Curing and Drying: Inks are cured using conveyor dryers or heat tunnels to ensure they adhere properly and withstand laundering. Proper curing temperature and time are critical to ink durability.
    • Quality Control: Samples or proofs are typically produced and approved by the client before full production. Regular quality checks are performed throughout the production process to catch defects.
    • Garment Selection: Garments should be chosen based on factors like fabric type, weight, and color to achieve the desired print result. Pre-treatment may be required for some fabrics.
    • Cleanup and Sustainability: Proper cleaning of screens, equipment, and ink mixing tools is essential to maintain print quality. Environmentally friendly practices, such as using eco-friendly inks and recycling waste, are increasingly important.
    • Packaging and Delivery: Finished products should be carefully inspected, folded, and packaged to prevent damage during transit. Timely delivery in accordance with the agreed-upon schedule is a standard practice.
  • Force Majeure: We will not be held responsible for missing deadlines due to weather conditions, power supply interruptions, vendor shortages and errors, shipping errors, or any acts of God.

Sharing via social media

We enjoy showing off your product and our craft to the world. It’s a great way to showcase our skills and send some of our followers and fans your way as well. We do this by taking photos and posting them online via social platforms, such as, but not limited to, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Please be sure to notify us when placing your order if you are not comfortable with us photographing and sharing your shirt socially. If you do not notify us, we will assume that we have your full permission to post photos of your shirt(s) online.


Orders that are canceled prior to printing will be subject to a Cancellation Fee based on the total order value. Cancellations will not be accepted once shirts have been printed. Cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Prior to PG-Press creating the screens: 10%
  • After PG-Press has ordered blank garments: 15% plus return shipping costs to our vendor (TBD)
  • After PG-Press has received, but before printing: 25%


PG-Press will observe many holidays throughout the year. These days will not count as production/business days toward turnaround times. They include but are not limited to:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day and/or Thanksgiving Day Observed
  • Christmas Day and/or Christmas Day Observed


If you have any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions, please email info@pg-press.com before placing your order. Our goal is to set clear expectations to ensure our working relationship is pleasurable for all parties involved. Thanks again for working with us & we are looking forward to printing for you soon!